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Conditions of sale, & participation; products, services, tours & services.

 All purchases, participation, tours, services, equipment use, rentals, costs are subject to agreement to the following terms and conditions:

  • ​River Tribe Adventures Terms and Conditions (you can read, download, print and save using the the links below)
  • Privacy Policy and ​Security Policy (included in the above Standard Terms and Conditions) (you can read, download, print and save using the the links below)
  • River Tribe Adventures Service & Equipment Rental & Use Agreement (you can read, download, print and save using the the links below)
  • Legal, indemnity, insurances and assurances Agreement (you can read, download, print and save using the the link below)
  • ​Refunds & Cancellations Policy (please see the section below [not via the blue link below, please read the policy below)​
  • Deposits Policy below.
  • Any/all Terms & Conditions and related matter are subject to change, update at any time. River Tribe Adventures reserve full rights to amend as required.

Bookings & services.

 River Tribe aims to provide the best service. We can do this by having a few rules, these help us serve you and to ensure we book what you want when you want it. The Standard Terms and Conditions provide information about cancellations, booking and payments. Hire equipment is subject to a deposit, drivers licence hold and terms and conditions. For overnight hire services the deposit shall be subject to deposit equal to the value of ex-hire or less. A tour or service shall be delivered on the date specified in the booking.

Refunds & Cancellations, Disputes policy and Agreements.

 To request a refund please email: info@rivertribeadventures.com

To gain a refund the request must state the reason and be claimed in line with the River Tribe Adventures Standard Terms and Conditions. In addition; Proof of purchase must be provided (by way or receipt/transaction). For all cancellations a minimum fee of $45 + on costs per booking is payable to cover fees (banking, booking, on-costs and fees charged by other providers & turn away business).  Any dispute may be referred to the OMBUDSMEN or through Consumer Affairs Victoria. A cancellation does not guarantee a full or part refund. By booking any service or tour all guests agree to these terms and conditions.

Licences, approvals & standards.

 River Tribe Adventures are in regular contact with governing bodies to ensure that we have the right approvals, licensing and standards in place. We aim to maintain high standards, policies and procedures to ensure safety and that our shared environment is well looked after.

Payment security

Cardholder information is gathered by SecurePay or NAB and is protected through systems policies and Australian Standards. Any collection of information by River Tribe Adventures to make a payment over the phone in destroyed upon entry into either SecurePay or NAB. Destruction of information is carried out in a safe and secure manner and is not accesable. 


A deposit/payment is required for any "service" ("service" is known as any; hire of equipment, use of equipment and or a service or a tour). All parties, guests, paying and or non paying that utilise any River Tribe Adventures "service" expressly agree to the Terms and Conditions stated herewith. If a deposit/Payment is not paid or taken the "parties" expressly agree to pay for any Service, theft and/or any loss and or any breaks and deliberate, accidental or otherwise. In addition to this all parties agree to the following: 1. River Tribe Adventures Standard Terms and Conditions. 2. Privacy Policy and ​Security Policy. 3. River Tribe Adventures Service & Equipment Rental & Use Agreement 4. Legal, indemnity, insurances and assurances Agreement. 4. ​Refunds & Cancellations Policy. 5. Payments. 6. All breakages and or loss (accidental, deliberate and/or otherwise shall be paid for by making a payment in full as stated by River Tribe Adventures before or after such an event and the amount shall be determined by River Tribe Adventures. If a service is booked and then not delivered then a person(s) can apply to receive a refund per the River Tribe Adventures agreements and policies. 7. Where a service, break, loss and or theft has occurred and or booked (even if the service has not been used) full payment is required. If no payment has been made and is outstanding the deposit and or "credit card hold" and or a where a card number has been supplied an amount shall be charged for any service, break, loss and or theft and the person(s) that made the booking hereby agrees to this. 8. Where no deposit, credit card or credit card hold has been made the person(s) making the booking is liable to make the payment as quoted by River Tribe Adventures and with no exceptions. 9. Any non payment is subject to third party engagement. 10. All services, breaks, thefts, loss cost amounts shall be communicated via email and or text shall before any charges are payable/made. 11. Automatic charges shall be made where no return communication is made within 24 hours by utilising the method of payment provided to River Tribe Adventures. 12. Where no automatic payment can be carried out River Tribe Adventures will inform third parties and legal proceeding may take place including but not limited to Police, debt collection and or legal representations.


Standard on costs, costs & cost schedule

 The following costs apply for all bookings, services and business related activity:

  • Kayak related breakages and or thefts: kayak lid $35 / Kayak small lid $25 / Kayak Paddle $ 65 / Kayak PFD $75 / Kayak equipment holder $65 / Kayak $950 / postage for any items $15.
  • Bike related breakages and /or thefts: Bars, grips gears $65 per item / wheels and related items $85 / Small items $25 to $50 / Bikes Trek $950 / Bikes Giant $750.
  • Admin cancellation fee $45 per cancellation plus any other item per the cost schedule and/or per the on-cost/service cost and or other service provider fees and costs.
  • Food related cancellation $cost + $45.
  • Wine tour cancellations $cost + $45.
  • Third party providers that supply services, bookings, holds, tours, buses, accommodation, food, tastings. These costs vary and will be passed onto cancellations per the amount that River Tribe Adventures are charged plus 15% for administrations.
  • Invoicing costs are per the invoice statements.
  • ​Other fees and charges are available upon application.

Business information.

 River Tribe Adventures is an Australian Business that is located and operated only within Australia. The following business is made available per the Australian Standards: 

  • Phone: 0457 902 966 or  0357 270 468
  • Email: info@rivertribeadventures.com
  • Web: www.rivertribeadventures.com.au
  • Address: River Tribe Adventures, Yarrunga LPO, Parcel Collect 10111 0616351 Vincent Road, Wangaratta, Victoria, 3677.
  • ​ABN: 91207585769

The small print and the Standard Terms & Conditions

Download and read them here. If you have any questions please call or email.

Legal stuff...

 Download and read them here. If you have any questions please call or email. 

Agreement to hire, use services & pay for services and equipment

 Download and read them here. If you have any questions please call or email. 


 If you have any questions please call or email.