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river tribe adventures


 Extending from the river to the mountains, Victoria’s high country brewery trail weaves a scenic path to some truly lip- smacking, hand-crafted beers. Each of the breweries exudes its own personality and style, just like each of their brews. River tribe provide everything you need for a great day of tasting local craft beers, all made with passion, the best ingredients & from the pristine waters of Victoria’s high country.


Get your mates together for a great day out...

Have an easy day out exploring the back roads and high roads of the High Country.  River Tribe Adventures visit as many or as few as you choose on this brewery tour of the High Country.

Victoria’s High Country Brewery trail extends from the rivers to the mountains. It is a scenic drive and you will experience very tasty hand-crafted beers. There are plenty of taste differences in beers and breweries, all made with passion, the best ingredients and the pristine waters of Victoria's High Country.

See close up where the beers are brewed, maybe learn what goes into crafting a unique beer. Family friendly, the breweries have great outdoor areas for that beer in the High Country sun.



Round beer matt tour...


This brewery tour takes in North East Victorias local breweries of Black Dog, Bridge Road & The Malt Shed. 

 Here is what the the tour schedule might look like... 

  • 10:15 - Depart Wangaratta (alternative available).
  • 10:45 - 12:45. Black Dog Brewery.
  • 50 minute transfer to Beechworth.
  • 1:35pm - 3:35. Bridge Road Brewery (optional lunch (bookings only) including pizza throw down and a side).
  • 20-30 minute transfer. 
  • 3:45pm - Hurdle Creek Gin (optional). 
  • 5pm - Malt Shed Brewery Wangaratta.  

Triple town Tour...


This is taking in the towns and breweries of Bright & the Bright Brewery, Wangaratta & The Malt Shed Brewery & Beechworths Bridge Road Brewery. 

Here is what the the tour schedule might look like...

  • 10 - Depart Wangaratta (alternative available).
  • 11 - 12:45. Bright Brewery.
  • 50 minute transfer to Beechworth.
  • 1:35pm - 3:35. Bridge Road Brewery (optional lunch (bookings only) including pizza throw down and a side).
  • 20-30 minute transfer. 
  • 3:45pm - Hurdle Creek Gin (optional). 
  • 5pm - Malt Shed Brewery Wangaratta. 

Build your own adventure...


Book a tour, here are a few steps to help you lock it in...

  1. Get your mates together to discuss your adventure, maybe have a beer to help brainstorm ideas...
  2. Decide who is coming and what vehicle you want (see vehicle options below),
  3. Research what breweries you want to visit, maybe have a beer to help with this step too...
  4. Decide if your gona make a weekend of it and stay local at a camp ground, pub or hotel or maybe you want River Tribe to pick you up from yours or your mates place. 
  5. Book your tour with River Tribe online or via email: info@rivertribeadventures.com or by phone: 0457 902 966

The Breweries



Conceived by Ben Kraus in 20014/05 in his dads back shed, Bridge Road Brewers has grown to be one of the most recognised craft breweries in the country. Small batch, hands on brewing, means that each bottle of this beer gets the attention it deserves. Lunch and snacks are available. The gourmet pizza is bloody great!  



 The first Bright brewery was founded during the gold rush era in 1876. It won numerous awards and was famous for its ale, porter and fruit cordials.  It continued until 1916 but almost 90 years later... Bright Brewery has come back to life. Lunch, snacks and dinner options are available. Behind the scenes brewery tours are conducted at 3pm daily*.



Hand crafted from premium malted barley, hops and yeast strains with pure Warby Range water. Hand crafted, small batch brews made using traditional techniques and no preservatives ensuring each beer is of the highest quality, the way beers are meant to be. 

Malt Shed Brewery Wangaratta...


 an independent Craft Brewery in Wangaratta, conceived over a Single Malt in 2014, when Grant Jones, Andrew Bett and Mathew Saunders pushed forward with an idea to combine their knowledge and passion for ‘all things malt’ and create a Brewery that would produce great beers.

Buffalo Brewery Boorhaman...


 ​Australias' smallest commercially registered brewery started in 1902. The Buffalo Brewery produces award winning beers from the best malt barley, wheat, yeast and hops.  The beers include ginger beer, wheat beer, lager, stout and dark ale. Traditional techniques are employed to handcraft special beers of lasting quality, integrity and heritage.  

King River Brewing King Valley...


King River Brewing  is a 100% family owned (husband, wife, daughter and dog) brewery, based in the King Valley, Victoria. We brew for flavour first, superior drinkability and the love of independently, 100% made in house, awesome beer we can put our name to.



The Troopy...


River Tribe has a few old rustic Troopies, these are full of character and old skool fun with side facing seats and a top speed of 110km. 

Natural air conditioning (yes sliding windows) and seats for 10 guests shoulder to shoulder. 

You can book up to 2 troopies for the day.

Mini bus/coaster and bus...


If you have a group bigger than 10 then you may wish to book a bus...

  • 11 guests then grab a minibus
  • For more and up to 20 then grab a coaster min bus
  • More than 20 then book a real big bus.

 These options come with air conditioning (sorry no opening windows like the troopy), forward facing seats and a traditional comfort however with less character :)


Most guests love to stop at one of the eateries on route. Your guide is happy to take in the scenery

 Most guests love to stop at one of the eateries on route. Your guide is happy to take in the scenery whilst you feast. 

There are some great options, our favorite is pizza at the Bridge Road Brewery, it is the best pizza in the North East.  Talk to us about making a booking here and we can organise a special for you.

If you have researched and booked lunch please provide the time of your lunch booking to your guide and River Tribe will work this into your day.  Lunch bookings are recommended at any time of year - River Tribe Adventures can organise this for you .  

Inclusions & options...


 Everything on a River Tribe tour is adaptable, reliable and built for you. If its not on the menu or you wish to adjust or build your own tour before or whilst out on tour then just let us know & we will help you make it happen. 

All tours/costs are inclusive of vehicle hire, driver and fuel. Purchases/food/wine/beer/other is not included.  

Pick up and drop off options to/from your accommodation or campsite or yours/mates place.  

Additional time can be provided for $69/hour.  All tours and bookings are subject to River Tribe Adventures Terms & Conditions. Please ask for a quote if you want the tour to start/end more than 30 minutes from the tour location.


How much...


 Indicative costs:
 - Troopy for 9 guests comfortably or up to 10 guests at a squeeze: $690 or $1,040 including lunch (based on 10 guests this is only: $69/person or $105/person with lunch).  

 - Minibus for up to 11 guests: $891 or $1,276 (based on 11 guests: $81/person or $116/person with lunch)

 - Mini bus for up to 20 guests: $1,300 or $1890 (based on 20 guests: $62.50/person $97.50/person)

 - Subject to availability.
 - Some providers charge for tastings and this is subject to change based on numbers, purchases made, time of year and other factors. 

Ts & Cs...


Yep, the small print... All tours, services, equipment use and rentals and costs are subject to agreement to the following terms and conditions:

  • ​River Tribe Adventures Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy and ​Security Policy (included in the above Standard Terms and Conditions)
  • River Tribe Adventures Service & Equipment Rental & Use Agreement
  • Legal, indemnity, insurances and assurances Agreement​

By purchasing a tour or a product all participants agree to these terms and conditions. For full details please read "Terms and Conditions" page.


 More than 50 vineyards, brewers, producers, cafes and restaurants are available and dotted throughout Milawa, Beechworth, Bright, King Valley and North East Victoria. River Tribe Adventures can help you have a great day visiting them and will provide everything you need for an easy day or half day out. River Tribe provides an experienced tour guide, a great vehicle and a ton of knowledge of the area. You can visit a few or do them all, you may want to stop for a spot of lunch, go fast, go slow… it is up to you. 

You can combine the best of everything and combine your love of beer, wine and produce into one tour, this will satisfy all your friends taste buds. Build you own adventure, book it in and get out there.